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Friday, October 22, 2010

Weather Activity Planner and Home Heating Tip

For all you hooked on weather. The following is from our NOAA friends. A pretty cool tool.
Hope you find it interesting.

Welcome to the Weather Activity Planner. Please enter the range of weather parameters required for your activity. Then, either click the approximate location on the map below, or enter the specific latitude and longitude (or select from a list of locations) and hit submit. This will query the forecast grids to find when your weather requirements will be met at the nearest grid point over the next 7 days.

Tip Of The Blog
Heating Without Getting Burned
Most home heating fires involve portable heaters and space heaters, with gas and kerosene
heaters accounting for the highest fatality risk. But all heating systems, including fireplaces, can
be dangerous if not used and maintained properly.
Before buying any heating equipment, check with your local fire department to ensure what you're
buying conforms to local building or and fire codes. When shopping for portable or space heaters,
look for automatic shut-off safety features. All portable heaters should bear the mark of an
independent testing laboratory indicating that the heater has met basic safety standards.

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