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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween and Woods Arson

Sure are glad we got the rain we did over the last 2 weeks HOWEVER its been a couple of days and today is going to be another low humidity day but the winds will be light. It is a fire day as they say and so will tomorrow.

BE Vigiliant! Most fires are accidental BUT it is those criminal acts of Woods Arson that are of greatest concern especially around Halloween.


Tip Of The Blog

Stop Woods Arson

Cigarette LighterWoods arson (also called forest arson or wildland arson) is a common term for deliberately burning forests, grasslands, or brush without the owner’s permission.
It is a leading cause of wildfire in Virginia and the southern region.
Most cases of woods arson are generally felonies under many state laws.

Who Loses When Woods Arson Occurs?

Everybody loses when wildland arsonists strike:
  • consumers pay more for the thousands of products made from forest materials,
  • taxpayers foot the bill for suppressing the fires,
  • jobs are often eliminated when the resource is reduced, and
  • it is common for families living in wooded areas and grasslands lose their homes and possessions.

Preventing Woods Arson

Most state forestry offices and local fire departments have established arson hotlines, so citizens can call to report woods arson. IN VIRGINIA YOU ARE incouraged to CALL 911.
Please give as much information as you have available, to include:
  • Location and time of the fire
  • Name of person responsible, if known
  • Description of persons observed at the scene
  • Description of any vehicles observed at the scene
  • Any other pertinent information

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