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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Smokey Bear help couple win big $$$$

A brief break from hibernation to tell you the following.


Smokey Tһе Bear wаѕ tһе rіɡһt аnѕwеr on Million Dollar Money Drop last night. After wagering mοѕt of tһеіr income on tһе wеƖƖ-knοwn bear tһаt reminds us аƖƖ to “Remember… OnƖу YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires”, tһе integrate won аnԁ went on to tһе subsequent level. Tһе sixth qυеѕtіοn on the Million Dollar Money Drop wаѕ – wһісһ of tһеѕе promotion icons wаѕ tһе oldest: Ronald McDonald, tһе Trix Rabbit, or Smokey Bear. Tһе winning аnѕwеr wаѕ Smokey Bear, wһο іѕ 66 years ancient. Tһе Trix Rabbit іѕ 53 years ancient, аnԁ Ronald McDonald іѕ the childish 47 years ancient.
Pretty cool.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year
Smokey and friends

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Year End Greating

Smokey is going to take some time off for the holidays and in preparation for a"long winters nap"! Hope you and all your family has a great New Year.

Please as you enjoy and share time with family/friends always keep in mind what you can do to stay safe from wild and structural fires. And as you prepare for the new year and those resolutions how about making a resolution we all can live with... Repeate after Smokey ... "For 2011 I make a promise to ALWAYS BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE "

I am going to leave you with this bit of news from the web today as a reminder that winter can be a dangerous time for wildfires in some areas of the country, like our friends in Texas.

Wildfire risk high for much of winter

Local officials urge residents to stay aware

National Weather Service meteorologists and Texas Forest Service officials recently gathered in College Station to discuss drought conditions across Texas and what it means for the possibility of winter fire outbreaks. The meeting concluded with the two groups predicting a severe wildfire season for at least the next three months.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

wildfires around the world

Not everyone is enjoying the colder and wetter weather here in the east.

As Many as 40 Killed in Israeli Wildfire

Smoke from a wildfire rises in the sky as seen from the northern Israeli community of Kiriyat Bialik, near Haifa. A massive forest fire that scorched part of northern Israel killed scores of people Thursday, officials said.

 Fort Carson brush fire 75 percent contained

Colorado Springs firefighters have a brush fire that has burned about 50 acres on the southern tip of Fort Carson overnight about 75 percent contained.

Firefighters Battling Brushfire in Brooks County TX

BROOKS COUNTY - Firefighters were struggling to get the upper hand on a massive brushfire burning north of Hidalgo County.

More than 1,500 acres have burned since the fire started Wednesday afternoon. It's taking firefighters from more than two dozen agencies to make sure nearby ranch and farm buildings are spared.

Crews tackle brush fire in New Tampa

A 15- to 20-acre brush fire in New Tampa is under control, a Tampa Fire Rescue official said.
The fire didn't threaten homes or injure anyone, said Capt. Bill Wade, a fire rescue spokesman.
The fire was at the dead end of Kennan Street off Cross Creek Boulevard in the Live Oak area of New Tampa, Wade said.
Along with Tampa Fire, the Pasco County Fire Department and the Florida Division of Forestry worked the brush fire

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

smokey and santa

With this shot of colder weather, rain and in some places snow I thought you might like the following coloring sheet. As the cold weather comes please remember all the ways you can help prevent wildfires.
One of the big ones is proper ash disposal if you heat with wood. Make sure your ashes are COLD before disposing of. Its best if you have a metal comtainer you can put the ashes in for several and I mean several days before dumping. Even then make sure they are cold you have drowned with water. Hot ashes stay hot for many days.

Please pass along the coloring sheet to those who might enjoy and also send along a fire prevention message.