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Monday, October 25, 2010

More wildfire activity over the weekend

The following were taken from morning news reports...
·        Wildfires Threaten Homes in Arkansas
·        Wildfires still burning near Fort Knox
·        Wildfires now blazing in West Point, Ky., possibly sparked by fires burning at Ft. Knox
·        Wildfires Flare Up In Ky. Counties
·        ABINGDON, VA -- Our region is currently more than six inches behind on rainfall for the year. The abnormally dry conditions in our area are the perfect breeding grounds for fires.

 It's not all bad news ..
  • Rain Helps Firefighters Put Out Wildfires in Lauderdale County, Tennessee

    Tip Of The Blog

    When fire danger is high, support your local fire department, and follow all fire restrictions.

    Remember fire prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

    If you don't prevent fires - who will?


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