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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just what the Doctor or should I say Smokey Ordered

A day of rain !
Many places are seeing or will see some rain today. It will be nothing like the rain we got earlier this month, but none the less it is just what we need to keep the threat of wildfires down. We must be reminded that even this rain will dry up with increased winds and a few days of sunshine. So enjoy the day but also stay vigilant. Fall fire season is just now begining.

Tip of The Blog
Watch out for areas of standing water. Areas of standing water could cause your vehicle to hydroplane or if the water is deep enough, could cause your vehicle to get stuck. Especially if it’s the first rain after a long dry spell, you’ll have the concern of oil and other spilled fluids that can add to the slick surface of the road. While it may be fun to go racing through a “puddle” to watch water splash everywhere, you never know what that puddle could be hiding.

Enjoy Today

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