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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Outdoor enthusiasts I need your help.

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the fall with the cooler temperatures and the beauty nature has to offer this time of year. Smokey Bear asks all of you who work and play in the out-of-doors to help Prevent Wildfires. Most fires are accidental or caused by people who just are not aware that what they maybe doing has the potential to start a wildfire. Parking your vehicle on a leaf pile or in dry grass or riding your ATV through a field of dry grass may cause the hot muffler or catalytic converter to ignite the dry vegetation.
If you are an ATV rider please take time to read the attached (page 1 and 2) of a safety reminder.

Tip Of The Blog
Uncontrolled fire is every camper, hiker, and forester's nightmare, and one that can become real!  What should one do if you spot smoke in the forest?  There are several answers.  The main thing to do is think rather than panic!
Think about how far away is the fire?  Are you on a hill and see smoke billowing up in the distance?  If this is the case, pack your stuff, use your cellular telephone and call 911.  Give them your position and the direction in which you see the fire.  "I am on Round Hill and hiking towards Blue Valley, there appears to be a fire off to my right,"  Now ask for assistance! The dispatcher will tell you the location of the quickest way to safety, report the fire, and send help.  They can also tell you if it is a controlled burn of some sort, in which case there is no problem. 

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