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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

another fall coloring sheet and pet safety

Tip Of The Blog

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for people, but it can be rather scary for your pet. Here are some tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween:

1. Keep all candy out of reach of your pet. The candy is for trick-or-treaters,
not for your pet. The chocolate and wrappers can be very dangerous if ingested.
2. We all know how cute pet costumes are, but they can pose a threat to
your animal friend. Being dressed up can cause a great amount of stress
on your pet. Also, many costumes contain rubber bands and other pieces
that can be chewed off and create a hazard. If you do decide to dress
your pet up, make sure that it doesn.t constrain her movement, hearing
or ability to breathe.
3. If you plan on having a party or get-together at your house, make sure to
put your put up in a safe place unless he/she is a very social animal. Too
many strangers can be a very scary and stressful environment for your

4. During peak trick-or-treating time, you should also make sure your pet is
put up at home in a safe place. You should not bring your pet with you to
trick-or-treat and if you are staying at home, you do not want to run the
risk of your pet slipping out the front door when answering the doorbell.
5. Another important item to consider is to make sure your pet has an ID
tag or microchip in place. In the event that he/she does escape or get
lost, an ID increases the chance that your pet will be returned to you (this
includes cats too!).
6. Some other Halloween risk factors are pumpkins and decorations. If you
have a jack-o-lantern, make sure it is in a place where your pet cannot
get to it. The candle inside and the pumpkin itself can be dangerous for
your pet. Pets can easily knock over a lit candle and cause a fire, curious kittens run the risk of getting burned, and if eaten, the pumpkin may cause intestinal blockage. Keep decorations that pets could chew on. like streamers and fake spider webs.and wires and cords from electric decorations out of reach. If pets chomp on Halloween decorations they could choke or become ill and, if they chew on electrical cords, they risk a potentially deadly electrical shock. Pets could also become tangled and injured by dangling cords or decorations. We do hope you all have a fun Halloween, but just remember to keep your beloved pet in mind.

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