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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Firefighters about to stick a fork in this one and call it done

The main suppression activity is all but over with HOWEVER firefighters will stay with this fire monitoring and moping up for several days or until significant rain occurs.


Approximately 4000 acres.  3200 acres on National Forest System Land; 800 acres on private land. Additional and enhanced data resulted in the acreage reduction.

   The fire is estimated as 90% contained.

The following roads are closed until further notice: Cub Run Road (FS Road #65).The public will not be able to access Pitt Springs, Big Mountain Road or Peter Fish Road due to this closure.
The following trails are closed until further notice:
Pitt Spring Lookout #584, Massanutten Mountain South #416 (beginning at Pitt Springs and extending South), Fridley Gap #419, Second Mountain #580 (including Boone Run Shelter, Martin Bottom #579, and Morgan Run #583.

The voluntary evacuation for the Shipwreck Farms Area has been lifted.  All residents are permitted to return to their property.


Firefighters will continue mopping up and patrolling the area. Some backfiring operations (burning out unburned areas within the constructed fire lines) will be performed as needed.



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