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Monday, April 9, 2012

Current Wildfire Activity 4.9.2012 Afternoon Posting

VDOF responded to 22 wildfires for 163 acres yesterday. A number of fires, which are highlighted below, are still ongoing and are not totally reflected in these numbers.

Shipwerck Fire briefing early on in the incident.

The GreatSmoky Mountains might be in TN but for toady they are in VA. The Shipwreck Fire is putting up a lot of smoke which is visible for miles.

Page County, near Shenandoah, VA, Shipwreck Complex, 6 different brush fires reported. Approximately 200 Acres, started on private land but is now mostly on National Forest. Issued a voluntary evacuation order for about one dozen homes last night, firefighter efforts ultimately protected all of the homes from any damaged.
VDOF remains in charge and has all of threats to private lands taken care of at this point. VDOF has moved some IMT personnel into position to help manage the incident.
The USFS is bringing in their own Incident Management Team and other out of state resources by tomorrow to be in place for Wed. to manage the fire longer term on the areas now burning on National Forest lands.

There are also several other fires now burning totally on National Forest lands. VDOF remains involved, however, once our efforts to finalize the protection of private property associated with this fires is complete, and once the USFS has brought in their own suppression resources, we will be significantly reducing our involvement.

Alleghany County – 3 separate fires three different fires West of Covington and reported to be 200 acres total. VDOF handled the initial attack, but is now transitioning over to the USFS.

Barbers Creek – Craig Co., VDOF resources handled the initial attack over the last day and a half, however VDOF resources are now transitioning over to USFS resources. This morning’s estimates are that 750 acres have burned.

Wolf Gap – Shenandoah Co. 100 acre fire completely on National Forest land. VDOF personnel began suppression actions last night since no one from the USFS could respond, however the USFS will be taking this fire over today to free up the VDOF resources.

North Zone Office of the USFS – reporting one additional new fire totally on USFS lands, acreage unknown. Being managed by USFS resources.

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