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Thursday, April 11, 2013

They say April showers bring May flowers but No rain in April brings Wildfires.

This time of year even a few days without rain ontop of the excessive temperatures, higher winds and lower humidities are conditions during which we see an increase in wildfire activity. These conditions in themselves DO NOT cause the fires but they do create conditions that make fires easier to start and more difficult to suppress.

From April 1st to April 9th the Virginia Department of Forestry has reported 102 fires for 770 acres. Yesterday(the 10th) was a very busy day and the numbers are not in yet but you can keep up with the wildfire activity by clicking on the link below. New reports are usually posted by 10:00 each morning.

Wildfire InformationDaily Report - shows wildfire activity as reported to our offices. Fire risk and year-to-date information included.

There are numerous news stories on the web most recently the media market out of Richmond has been busy covering wildfires in the area. The pictures below and the provided links are all from this area and the local media covering the situation.

This fire off of Rt 288 and Courthouse Road impacted numerous homes and burned in what we refer to as the Wildland Urban Interface. Home owners and others property owners can find out many ways that they can help provide more protection to their houses, out buildings and other property by becoming more FIREWISE. This link will take you to a wealth of information provided by the Virginia Department of Forestry.

Just so you dont think that the Richmond area was in this alone the following link is to a news story out of the Charlottesville area that was also dealing with numerous fires yesterday and previously.

Obey all burning restrictions

February 15 - April 30
During this period, the 4PM Burn Law is in effect.
  • DO NOT light fires until 4PM.
  • DO NOT stir up the fire or add new fuel after Midnight.
  • Can I burn...? Burning and the 4 PM Law

And just because you can leagely burn you might want to postpone any burning untill thewildfire danger is reduced with some rain, lower temperatures and the trees and grass "Green Up".


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