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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Agency Update and state by state snapshot

A brief update on actions from VMAC partners

VA Dept of Forestry 
All is calm and quiet for the most part, not as much impact /damage as anticipated.
Both 10 person State saw crews have been demob as of 1130 today.
The State EOC will probably remain open on a 24-hour basis for the duration until approximately 11/1/12 at end of day shift. Resources remain available for local response as requested.

National Park Service 
All Parks remain closed down. National Capital area are in good shape, have a few down trees with local saw crews handling also have some flooding, expect the worst of the flooding however in the next few days. Have no anticipated needs at this time for resources.
Zeph Cunningham IMT along with Zeke will be prepositioned in Hagerstown, MD. The other NPS team will be prepositioned in Columbus, OH. NPS Type 2 teams are receiving reassignments. Appears that the team staged in Hagerstown are head towards NYC Harbor Parks, they are lining up their resources now for this assignment which will consist of assisting the Parks of locating and assisting some 400+ employees.

Fish and Wildlife Service 
Refuges located in VA are fine, Eastern Shore area received some damage but they are okay and can handle the damage themselves. FWS Helicopter will be repositioning from GA to VA by this evening, ship will be used to recon damage up the coastline.
The FWS Type 3 team anticipate an assignment in the NJ/NY area, not sure on the particulars at this point, but Tim and the fire crew will head that direction once the decisions are completed.
Forest Service 
Most George Washington & Jefferson NF District Offices are reporting in as closed, no other reports available at this time. The FS WO has the NIMO Incident Command Team Quesinberry(short team) have an assignment at this time and they are headed to Lakehurst NJ. The 11 /2 person saw crews are in route (5 crews with VA-VAF to the Farmingdale NY area and 5 crews with TX-TXF/AR-OUF & AR-OZF are preposition here in Roanoke waiting on reassignments, there are also 2 TFLD’s to oversee resources available and on hold for the saw crew resources. The Augusta Hotshots are currently at their destination of Middletown PA.

No further word as of this time of the FEMA Declaration (FEMA Charge code) for VA, however the resources that are currently on order are prepositioning for the FS is a WO code and FS Agency only, once the WO receives a code from FEMA, VICC will proceed with inquiry about resource availability from other agencies with the potential of resources also getting reassigned to other locations out of area.

 Here's a snapshot of what is happening, state by state as of Tuesday 10/30/2012

North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue expanded a state of emergency to western North Carolina, which could see a foot of snow. A woman who was pulled from the Atlantic after abandoning a tall ship died. Power outages: 6,600.

The Long Island Sound flooded roads as the storm toppled trees and power lines Two people died, including an Easton firefighter who was killed when a tree fell on his truck. Power outages: More than 615,000.

Nearly all residents of flood-prone coastal communities in Kent County heeded calls to evacuate. The Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach resort communities were flooded. Power outages: More than 45,000.

High wind warnings and a lakeshore flood warning are in effect Tuesday and Wednesday in Chicago. City officials said Lake Shore Drive is expected to remain open.

A winter storm warning is in effect for three southeastern counties until Wednesday. In some areas, winds could gust up to 50 mph through Tuesday.

Wind gusts topped 60 mph, shutting down the port of Portland and knocking out power to homes and businesses. Power outages: More than 86,000.

Floodwaters swamped touristy Ocean City. In western Maryland, snow tied up traffic. Two people were killed, including a man who died when a tree fell on a house in Pasadena. Power outages: 290,000.

Strong winds and heavy surf led to mandatory evacuations in sections of coastal Dartmouth and Fall River and voluntary evacuations in other coastal communities. Power outages: About 290,000.

High winds knocked out power to about 79,000 homes and businesses.

Politicians canceled visits to the presidential swing state on Monday. Power outages: 210,000.

The center of the storm came ashore Monday evening near Atlantic City, which was cut off from the mainland by the storm surge along with other barrier islands, stranding residents who ignored warnings to evacuate. A tidal surge sent water into the streets of two northern New Jersey towns, setting off a frantic rescue effort. At least three deaths were reported. Power outages: More than 2.3 million.

A record storm surge that was higher than predicted along with high winds damaged the electrical system and plunged millions of people into darkness. Utilities say it could be up to a week before power is fully restored. A fire burned 50 houses in one flooded section of Queens. There were 17 storm-related deaths, 10 of them in New York City. Power outages: 2.3 million.

The Cleveland area and northeast Ohio were being slammed with rain and high winds. Snow was reported in some parts south of Cleveland and south of Columbus. Power outages: More than 250,000.

Wind and flooding closing more than 200 bridges and roads. Four people died, including an 8-year-old boy who was killed when a tree limb fell on him. Power outages: 1.2 million.

Howling winds and storm surges forced mandatory and voluntary evacuations in low-lying and coastal communities. Providence's hurricane barrier performed well in one of its biggest tests. Power outages: 115,000.

Snow expected in higher elevations, where a freeze warning has been issued. High winds expected in many areas.

Winds knocked down trees and power lines, and schools were closed. Power outages: More than 10,000.

Utilities brought in crews to help restore power after high winds and snow. A curfew was ordered Monday on Chincoteague Island. Two people died in storm-related traffic accidents. Power outages: More than 180,000.

Federal and local governments will remain closed Tuesday along with the courts, public schools and the Metro system that serves 1.2 million weekday customers. Power outages: 25,000.

Some areas are buried under more than a foot of snow. A woman was killed in a traffic crash. Power outages: More than 264,000.

A village along Lake Michigan suggested residents evacuate Tuesday morning because of the possibility of dangerously high waves and flooding.


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