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Monday, August 20, 2012

VDOF attends the VA State Firefighters Expo

The 126th annual Virginia State Firefighter's Association & Auxiliary Conference/Expo was held this past week at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.
The following pictures were taken at the Virginia Department of Forestry's display area. There was a steady flow of folks (young and old ) who came by to play a couple of games, pick up some prevention and education material, learn about Smokey Bear and VA Firewise and to just talk about wildfires. One older gentleman talked about his work as a member of a Keep Virginia Green Crew back in the 50's.

Our new Smokey was a big hit all 8' of him.

Smokey's corn hole toss was played by young and old alike.

Steve Counts look on as a young girl spins the wheel for one of the nicer "prizes".
These two kids must have put the puzzle togther a dozen times.

Lots od Smokey related school supplies (rulers, pencils, erasers etc) were picked up "for the grand kids".

This young girl was so proud of her Smokey Tat!

I refurbushed an old (1960's) display and it was a big hit, who says it has to be electronic to be fun?

This young man must have tossed a corn bag 1,000 times till he won his Smokey Bear doll.

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