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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Idaho, California, Hawaii, Washington, Oklahoma, Texas, Spain, Greece, France, and Bulgaria

What does Idaho, California, Hawaii, Washington, Oklahoma, Texas, Spain, Greece, France, and Bulgaria all have in common?
Wildfires, Forest Fires, Range Fires whatever you want to refer to them as! These locations along with many others are experiencing one of the most active "fire seasons" in recent history.
Virginia along with resources from all accross the country are responding to the request for help to many of these locations.


Firefighters across the West on Monday kept battling a summer-long series of raging wildfires, with the latest round sparked mostly by lightning strikes that added to an already torrid mix of dry conditions and gusty winds.

The Trinity Ridge 91,000-acre (38,800-hectare) wildfire in the Boise National Forest closed in from three directions on an Idaho mountain town on Monday as authorities worried about the safety of roughly 30 residents who have refused to evacuate.
The Elmore County Sheriff's Office ordered evacuations over the weekend as thick smoke from the Trinity Ridge Fire posed a health hazard and limited visibility on the single road to Featherville, a popular summertime resort at the foot of the Trinity Mountains on the South Fork Boise River.
"It puts everyone in higher danger. Firefighters will have to worry about the safety of people who are left behind instead of fighting the fire and saving homes," U.S. fire information officer Mary Christensen said.
Fire crews prepared to defend hundreds of homes in Featherville, where second homes and rental cabins cause the summer population to swell to roughly 1,000, as well as structures in the nearby community of Pine.
"We hope those residents will reconsider and get out of there," Christensen said.

A great look at an Air Force tanker making a drop.
 If homeowners prepared their homes and property firefighters as shown in the pictures above and below might be able to devote efforts elsewhere. Removing pinestraw from around the homes and from off the roofs along with moving bags of mulch from up next to the home to a safer location all takes time and lots of folks to accomplish it quickly as the fires are bearing down on them.

Its hard dirty nasty work. A big thanks to those who answer the call.

Which way to the fire?


Embers are reported to have set fires up to 1/4 to 1/2 a mile in front of the fire.

A flare gun is used to set fire in difficult to get to locations.

Trinity Ridge ICP.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the "Big Blowup"
The Great Fires of 1910 (The Big Blowup) - August 20th

“This Day in History” is a brief summary of a powerful learning opportunity. You can use this summary as a foundation and launch point for further dialogue and discussion.
Apply these lessons learned to yourself, your crew, your team and your unit.

One might say what good is Smokey Bear and all the talk about wildfire prevention when so many fires are raging in so many locations. Even with these challanging times it is critical to use Smokey's messages and let folks know what they can do, how they can take an active part in protection and prevention. From the smallest act of talking to a neighbor about the current dangers to organizing a community event these all just might prevent  that next fire from starting and it could be that fire that if not prevented might be the one that destroys homes, property or turns deadly. It just takes one fire ... so lets work togther to prevent that one fire!!!!


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