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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Training and a fun look at arson awarness

I am currently in Morgantown WV at the Mid-Atlantic Forest Fire Compact Wildfire Academy. And last week it was the Virginia Interagency Wildfire Academy. Between the two there were almost 500 students learning from a great group of instructors a variety of information. I will be posting lots of pictures and additional information hopefully next week. Please check back soon.
I would like to leave with you the video clip below that was produced by one of the students I have in the P-310 course, Wildfire Prevention and Education Team Member course. Chelsea works for the Floridia Forest Service and is new to the prevention "world" but brings a wealth of skills that will be quite valuable.
I hope you enjoy the video and please pass it along to anyone you know that might find a use for it. Wildland Arson is a huge problem all accross the nation and any help anyone can provide to put a stop to these criminal acts just may save the life of a firefighter or innocent citizen.


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..

  2. When will the class pics from this years Longwood academy be posted?

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  4. We should all help each other in stopping these arsonists.