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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Morning Wildfire Headlines

The following headlines are just a sampling of stories that are running accross the country this morning. You will note that ALL the fire news is not comming from the west.

In Nevada, a newspaper photographer covering a brush fire this week was roughed up, handcuffed and cited for obstruction, his editor said.

More wind and heat could hamper Colorado wildfire fight
The High Park Fire had consumed 59,500 acres of woodland by Tuesday, but it was about 50% contained.

Idaho wildfire destroys six homes southeast of Boise
A small but destructive wildfire driven by strong winds has destroyed six houses and five outbuildings in Idaho, while two much larger blazes threatened dozens of dwellings in Wyoming and Colorado, authorities said on Tuesday.

Wildfire hits and misses San Juan County residents

BLOOMFIELD - The path of the wildfire east of Bloomfield is a checkerboard of destruction and close calls.
Five family homes were destroyed in the County Road 4901 Fire, which was what first responders named the 352--acre wildfire that started east of Bloomfield on Monday afternoon.

UPDATE: Croatan National Forest wildfire grows to 21,000 acres

CROATAN NATIONAL FOREST, N.C. – The wildfire at Croatan National Forest has more than doubled in size from yesterday.
Officials say its now 21 thousand acres.
The U.S. Forestry has 100 people trying to control the wildfire.

Brush fire threatened Charlotte County homes

Shifting winds challenged firefighters

Charlotte County and Florida Division of Forestry firefighters spent nearly three hours Monday night battling a brush fire that threatened several homes.

New Mexico wildfire threatens Smokey Bear's home

The "Little Bear" fire is burning in the Smokey the Bear Ranger District, White Mountain Wilderness and Lincoln National Forest in southern New Mexico near Ruidoso. The forest is where the scared bear cub was rescued in 1950.

Massive NM Fire Threatens Endangered Fish
The wildfire that has ravaged southwestern New Mexico is the largest in the state's recorded history, and it's endangering an already threatened species of trout. Biologists say the ash, sediment and charred debris will wash into streams with summer rains and that's a deadly recipe for the Gila trout found in the Gila National Forest.

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