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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wallow Wildfire in AZ Nations LARGEST at 519,319 acres

Do you know just how big 519,319 acres is?
If you had a plot of land a football field wide (100 yards) it would go from San Fransico to New York        5 times.

Strong southwest winds have caused the Wallow Fire to breach containment lines along US 180, on the east side of the fire. The fire is burning toward Luna, New Mexico.
Power has been interrupted in the towns of Nutrioso, Alpine and The Blue, AZ. and Luna and Reserve, N.M. for further information see the Navopache Electric Cooperative web site.
 Planned Activity Today .....
Zone 1- Continue point protection and mop-up and re-hab. Zone 2- Structure protection and constructing and securing control lines in Branch VI. Continue securing lines and burning out from Strayhorse down to Blue River. Patrol for and attack any spot fires found across the Blue River. Zone 3- Check fire spread south in Branch XII and mop-up and patrol in other branches.
Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is scheduled to visit Springerville tomorrow, with visits to the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest Supervisors Office and the Zone 1 ICP. IHC Crews remain a critical resource for Southwest Area Command. Acres burned by ownership are as follows: USFS = 478,131 ac. State of Arizona = 4,531 ac. Private = 6,284 ac. San Carlos Indian Reservation = 9,200 ac. Fort Apache Indian reservation = 12,972 ac.
Growth Potential  Extreme
Terrain Difficulty  High
Temperature 72-88 degrees
Humidity 8-9%

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