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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Virginia Wildfire Academy Day 3

Today was another good day at the academy. Two new classes started and one finished up. The weather has moderated some giving a bit of relief to those classes which had outside field work. Had two minor “accidents” one of the bulldozers flipped over on its side while being operated on a slope and a student fell on campus dislocating a shoulder.  Both the dozer and the student are just fine and back to work/class.
I don’t have many pictures to post today as I was busy with my S-290 class and did not get pictures from anyone else.
 Morning Briefing for the incomming firefighters. Check out the tee-shirt design for this years academy. If you wanted one you should have signed up.

 One of our fine new instructors delivering the unit on Relative Humidity to the S-290 class.
The meteorologist in the S-290 (Fire Behavior Class) gave students a look at a brand new fire weather web site that the weather service has just launched. The site is …
check it out, the map is very interactive. You can zoom way in and just by clicking on a location get a very specific fire weather forecast for that area.
 Take a good look at the wall murals in the dining hall, there are a few faces that look awful familar. I could swear I saw them in class...
This might be my last posting from the Virginia Wildfire Academy. Will try and get some pictures from the other classes posted soon. Check back the next posting shlould be from the Mid-Atlantic Forest Fire Compact Academy being held in Morgantown WV.


  1. Hey Smoke,

    How do I attend this academy? Bewilder

  2. barnes.greentrctrJune 6, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    Good one!

  3. This academy is held this same time each year. Check about March 2012 fro info on the 2012 Academy