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Monday, April 18, 2011

Scores of wildfires and tornadoes lead to largest, deadliest severe weather outbreak of year

From wildfires in TX and OK to tornadoes throughout the south it was/is a reminder of just how powerful Mother Nature can be. I came accross this interesting map showing the number of tornadoes by county in VA from 1950-2000. Seems like we have had several decades worth in just a few days recently.

Scores of tornadoes lead to largest, deadliest severe weather outbreak of year
Natural Disaster Examiner
Tony Hake 

A massive, three-day storm system tore across the United States from the Deep South to the Mid-Atlantic leading to more than 200 tornado reports and killing at least 45 people.  The severe weather event marks the nation's deadliest weather event of the year and the death toll is expected to climb.

A Lowe's Home improvement store suffered a direct hit from a tornado in Sanford, NC.  Quick action by employees is credited with saving customers as half of the store was torn apart.
As they continued to the northeast Virginia suffered casualties and severe damage from the storms.  At least four people were killed in the state, three in Gloucester County.  A child in the Shenandoah Valley was swept away by a flash flood and another possible victim has yet to be found. 
Over the three-day outbreak, 230 tornadoes were reported and scores of reports were received for significant hail and damaging wind.  The event is by far the most significant and widespread weather disaster in the United States this year.  

Three die in Gloucester tornado

More than 60 people injured

West Texas ranchers lose cattle, livelihood to fires

PLEASE Remember

We can not do anything about Tornadoes except prepare for them and take action when notified to do so by the National Weatehr Service BUT we can do something about most of the Wildfires! What you say? MOST WILDFIRES CAN BE PREVENTED, MOST ARE HUMAN CAUSED AND A RESULT OF CARELESNESS.


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