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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wildfires continue, Easter is comming lets hope some rain is as well

Just a quick post...chores to do and the Easter Bunny is comming you know.
Cooler temps and higher humidity has helped Tx but extream fire conditions are being called for Monday. Lets hope that the firefighters and all Texans can catch a break today and tomorrow.
texas is NOT the only "show in town" FL,CO,NM and others are having fires as well just not to the extend Texas is. Below are 4 of the TX fires.

Possum Kingdom Fire

 Rock House Fire

Wildcat Fire

Swenson Fire

Can't end the blog with out a friendly reminder from Smokey ...
Firefighters STAY SAFE
Homeowners Take time NOW to make your home as firewise as possible, PLAN to evacuate if your in an area that is having wildfires. GET your "stuff" together, plan where your going DON'T forget your pets and other animals.
COMMUNITY LEADERS Do all you can to prepare and support citizens and emergency responders.

WILDFIRE PREVENTION works even in these extreame conditions. No were not going to stop or prevent all wildfires but if we prevent even one helps.
Remember what Smokey has always said...Only You Can Prevent Wildfires.

THANKS as always for reading the blog and passing it on to others and Smokey and I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

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