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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Message From Smokey

 Wildfire continue to take lives, cause injuries, burn homes and other prpertyand damge our natural resources. YES wildfire DOES damae our Natural Resources. We in the fre mnagement world do not an t confuse things with talking about GOOD Fire and BAD Fire. It is true that fire can be a necessary "tool" HOWEVER these fires that are consuming homs, barns, garags, buning boats, cars, causing evacuatins ad the sensless loss of life are BAD! 
Smokey Bear has never been more RIGHT. Many of the fires that are occuring have been accidental, some are being caused by downed power lines. We may not be able to prevent these easily but we CAN prevent many others. And for every wildfire we prevent that allows the firefightes to take a break and focus on those other fires and it might just save a life.
Do what "Only You Can"  and GET YOUR SMOKEY ON, if you see someone being careless let them or the authorities know.

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