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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Be Safe my friends in Florida

Rains when/if they come will be welcomed by many!

Sometimes weather events that occurred several weeks ago impact wildfire activity today. That’s one of the factors that are happening in Florida right now. A warmer than normal spring, a drier than normal spring, an earlier start to "fire season" in FL all on top of the severe cold FL had several weeks ago and the record freeze that killed lots of crops also killed off much of the vegetation that was just dormant waiting to green up in the spring. Well there is no greening up to totally dead vegetation and that dead vegetation “fuels the fires” of this spring in Florida.

Here are but a few of the headlines comming out of FL this morning.

Walton County Brush Fire Threatens, Evacuates Homes 

Families in South Walton County can safely return to their homes after a 10-acre brush fire forced them to evacuate Friday afternoon. Officials do not know the cause of the fire but say dry conditions and high winds didn’t help. A cloud of smoke hovered over multiple fire crews battling a blaze in the Point Washington Community in South Walton County. Officials say the fire started just after 2 p.m. on Friday, when resident Chris Harp was at work.
“My wife called pretty frantically and said the place was about to go up on fire. So, I raced up and looked at the bayou and saw a wall of flames coming,” Harp said.

MIAMI-DADE, Fla.- Two massive wildfires are burning in separate parts of our state.
 Smoke from a massive brush fire in Southwest Miami-Dade County is shutting down parts of US 41. The Central Florida fire burning since Monday, will take at least a week to contain

Wildfires Rage Across Florida in What Could be Epic Year

Photos by Andrew Knapp, FLORIDA TODAY

The following raw video is from the AP and shows very vividly the challanges and dangers of wildfire fighting and whats going on in FL now.

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