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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My 200th Post!

A momentous occasion today! This is my 200th posting to the blog. With nearly 60,000 folks checking in from time to time I think this social media "thing" is catching on and will be around for a while longer. All kidding aside I am always amazed as to just how small the world is and how easy it is to put information out there allowing folks from all over the world to access it.

With only 15 days till Smokey's birthday I hope you find this 200th post yet another interesting and useful item. This is a 5 page document, the first 4 pages originally published in 1958 and page 5 being new. My 2 hoby interests all in one, stamp collecting and Smokey Bear it doesn't get any better.
Check out page 5 for 2 Smokey Bear pictures you may have never seen.

Enjoy and thanks for being one of the 60,000 and thanks for viewing this 200th blog post.

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