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Thursday, March 1, 2012

First BIG wildfire of the season

We have been so fortunate this Spring (so far) that the several real “fire days” have been preceded by enough moisture mostly in the form of rain that those bad days did NOT result in much if any fire activity. However we still have quite a bit of spring fire season to go and it does not take long for conditions to change especially in flashy fine fuels. The pictures below are evidence of that. Last Monday the 27th we had an 800 +/- acre wildfire in Lee County. It burned mostly in what the locals call Plume Grass which during this time of year is 6 to 8 foot tall match sticks. 17 homes and 17 other structures were threatened but none were damaged due to the suppression actions taken by the Virginia Department of Forestry and local fire departments. Thanks to the men and women who responded to this wildfire.

Check out at the link below the Virginia Department of Forestry "situational report" that is posted daily on their website

view the report online.

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