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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain in VA and fires and more fires in TEXAS

Rain, Rain wish we could send some to Texas!!
As you can see from the chart below Hurricane Irene dropped over 20" of rain in parts of Virginia. AND that not the end of it.... Since she left the state last weekend the sub-troppical Low has dumped almost another 12". In Waverly Va just last night alone we got an additional 4.87".

I am going to focus the next few posts on the tremendous wildfires that are occuring in Texas. Hopefully some of the info will be helpful to those wanting to know as much as possible about these fires.

The 3 main websites you should go to for information are

Those sites above are the official information sites, you will also find a wealth of info on various media outlet sites and other social sites.

Here is some of the latest info I have seen and a few pictures you might not have seen.

BASTROP — Bastrop wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of houses and thousands of acres continued to burn Wednesday, but firefighters say they are making progress battling the blaze.
Officials said Wednesday that they have contained 30 percent of the larger Bastrop fire, which has so far annihilated about 800 houses and 34,000 acres, according to the Texas Forest Service.
Rescuers have begun conducting house-by-house searches for potential fire victims,

  • Victoria Koenig, spokeswoman for the Texas Forest Service, said the Bastrop County fire has destroyed 1,368 homes -- more than double the estimate officials gave Wednesday.
Despite hopes that the fire would be largely contained by Wednesday night, it remained 30% contained Thursday morning, she said. About 34,000 acres have been destroyed.
  • The fire has killed at least two people. An elite search team is helping local officials scour the area for other potential victims.
At least 5,000 people evacuated the area, officials said.
The Bastrop fire is one of scores that have been burning across the drought-stricken state. Wildfires have been scorching Texas for nearly 300 days.
In just the past week, the Texas Forest Service has responded to 181 fires, Gov. Rick Perry said.

The town of Bastrop TX with the fire bearing down on it.

The next 3 pictures are aerial pictures of Tahitian Village in Bastrop. I have been in the area working a few years ago and its so heartbreaking to see this devistation.

Thought and prayers go out to ALL the residents of this area and the rest of Texas that have been impacted by these wildfires.

The mini poster below is a sample of an attempt to let folks know how they can help prevent wildfires as they go about "life" in TX.

 I will try and keep posting info here that you might not find through normal media, social sites. Please keep checking back.

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