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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Smokey Week Starts Today

Here are a few items to get you thinking about Smokey’s birthday on Tuesday and also an item or two that you might find useful to copy and give out.
An activity sheet and 2 versions of a coloring sheet I made for the occasion.

A real classic from the early 50's

The immages below are from a book that is still available that you would find an interesting read.

I hope you injoyed this bit of a look into Smokey Bears past. The very best birthday present you can give Smokey is:
1) Of course do your part and not let a wildfire start...Remember Only You Can!
2) Tell someone (young or old) about Smokey and why it is so very important that we PREVENT WILDFIRES.

Check out these sites for more Smokey Bear information and "stuff"

Please remember to check out the previous days blogs for more interesting Smokey “stuff” and come back tomorrow for more.

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