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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Who said its the start of "fireseason"?

I have been busy lately and did not get a chance to be “blogging” thanks for all of you who kept checking in. I hope you find this posting interesting.
Saw this headline story in the news ….
The National Weather Service says residents will soon forget the cool, wet spring they've been complaining about, because they are forecasting a warm, dry summer for the entire state. This weekend is also bringing the beginning of the wildfire season.
Well I hate to pop this reporters bubble but this weekend much of the south and SE coast is in the thick of an extended fireseason. But one thing the story does do is let us know there will be plenty of work for firefighters and resources for several more months to come. This seemingly never ending fireseason is really taxing people and things made of “iron”.
Thought you would be interested in a few headlines from my location right now.
WAYCROSS, Ga. -- Firefighters battling a wildfire in south Georgia discovered 339 sticks of dynamite, and a U.S. Army bomb squad was called to detonate the explosives.
FOLKSTON, GA -- A Brunswick mower manufacturer is volunteering its equipment and manpower to help protect Ware County buildings as the 267,900-acre Honey Prairie Fire continues spreading through the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

The rain that did come a few days ago was welcomed however after a day of hot dry windy GA weather fire activity picked up.

Anyone for a swim?

These cool QR codes were from a story by one of our great reporters who has been doing a great job covering the massive wildfires. Terry Dickson with the 

I hope you all have a GREAT and SAFE 4th

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