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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Forest Fire Events happened in 1950?

I was looking for some wildfire news for my blog today and came across a story about a huge fire in Alberta Canada in 1950. So I got thinking what else happened in 1950 besides this fire in Canada. It didn’t take much thinking because 1950 was the year Smokey Bear was rescued from that large forest fire in Capitan Mountains of New Mexico. Many of you probably already know the Smokey Bear Story if not check out to learn more about Smokey and the longest and most successful ad campaign in American history.

Here is a brief introduction to the story of that 1950 Canadian blaze. More info can be found at the noted links at the end of the blog. I hope you enjoy.

September 24, 1950

A mysterious day when the sky became dark as night during the middle of the day. The explanation by local officials was that a forest fire had occurred in Canada - but none were ever recorded on this date for Eastern Canada. Moreover, there was no smoke involved in the darkened skies as there has been in all other forest fires around the country since that date. Most people at the time thought that the world was coming to an end and that it was a sign from the heavens. Was it actually a Western Canadian forest fire? Or, was it really a 'sign' that marked the 'end of times', as man has begun to play God.

Norman P. Carlson puts a face on the dark day, which supports the 'forest fire in Canada' reason for black Sunday. Read his detailed account of the
Canadian forest fire here.

These may or may not have been some of the firefighters in Canada at the time but they are circa 1950 forest fire fighters. They did not have all the tools of the trade that we rely upon today but they had the same "toughness" and dedication that are found in every firefighter today and they paved the way for our modern wildfire suppression efforts today.
I want to than everyone of them and everyone of you today who put your life on the line and put your personal life on hold when the call comes to protect lives, homes, property and the natural resources.



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