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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wildfire Activity still high in the South

Although the wildfire activity has taken arest here in Virginia with most fires from the 19th being 100 % under control and only afew smaller fires which occured Friday with the high winds, our sister sates to the south are very active.

Dangerous wildfire conditions predicted for Texas on Sunday

— Dangerous wildfire conditions predicted for Texas on Sunday
On Sunday, high-impact fire weather is predicted for the area west of I-35, particularly the West Texas Plains, according to experts with the National Weather Service and Texas Forest Service. The San Angelo area is included in this region.
In the past seven days, Texas Forest Service has responded to 61 fires burning 20,000 acres. On Thursday alone, Texas Forest Service deployed aircraft, dozer crews and fire engines to assist in suppressing 11 fires across the state. Forty-three structures were threatened and saved.
Predictions show high winds, low humidity and high temperatures on Sunday, meaning conditions could create a perfect storm for critical fire danger.

Wildfires an increasing danger here, Alabama.
Wildfire activity was high this past weekend with Alabama Forestry Commission firefighters and fire departments responding to 81 wildfires that burned approximately 3,435 acres. Warm weather, lower humidity, and gusty winds are to blame for the increase in the fire numbers.
Approximately 15 of those fires were 100 acres or larger in size. Officials with the Commission say a decrease in manpower due to budget reductions in 2010 is a contributing factor to the larger fires. The personnel decrease means fewer firefighters available to respond to fires as well as longer response times, allowing fires to grow larger in size
Although no burning restrictions have been issued at this time, State Forester Linda Casey is urging everyone to use extreme caution with all outdoor burning. Drier air being brought in by a cold front tonight is expected to send the relative humidity into the mid 30s across much of north and central Alabama and the mid to upper 40s in southern counties. Lower humidity, combined with warm temperatures and gusty winds, will increase the potential for wildfire through the remainder of the week.
In the last seven days 267 fires have occurred across the state, burning approximately 6,422 acres. For more information on the current wildfire situation, visit the AFC website at

Texas Forest Service On High Wildfire Alert
The Texas Forest Service has declared Sunday high risk for wildfires due to the drought conditions, high winds and low humidity.
The state has activated the Texas Instrastate Fire Mutual Aide System, which means 16 fire engines,and more than 30 fire fighters are deploying to areas at greatest risk, including Brownwood here in the Big Country.
Also, The Texas Forest Service has activated the Merkel Incident Command Post and has helicopters and dozers on standby. For more information on the current wildfire situation, visit the Texas website at

Fire chars 600 acres in North Brevard
Officials urge care driving interstate
Brush Fire Threatens Indian Lake Estates
35 acre brush fire threatens New Smyrna Beach homes
Brush fire balloons to 600 acres in Titusville
For more information on the current wildfire situation, visit the Florida website at

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