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Sunday, November 14, 2010

As the beautiful fall colors begin fading and the leaves begin piling up on the forest floor it does not take many drying days to create wildfire hazards. We must stay alert to these changing conditions and do all we can to help prevent wildfires. Review some of the earlier posts and visit state forestry web pages for tips. Start with ours

 Wildfires in the news!

Firefighters across Southern Indiana battling two large wildfires

From the sky, the fires look impossible to control, but on the ground crews were busy digging fire breaks and getting water on what they could to stop the wildfires from spreading.

From Highway 111 in Floyd County people took in a sight you’re more likely to see out west.  “It’s getting pretty close to some houses back there.  We’ve been down here twenty minutes and it’s definitely getting a lot worse,” said New Albany resident Marty Schindler.

Wildfire in gorge is contained, but destruction, hazards remain

Wildfire left 1,650 acres scarred, vulnerable

Local crews contain Price Mountain fire
Thursday, November, 11, 2010; 11:17 PM
Forest fires that burned up several hundred acres of Prices Fork Mountain Tuesday have been contained, and crews are currently working to prevent additional damage.

Tip Of The Blog
Wildfires: Is your home at risk?Take this test to find out.
Is your home at high, moderate or low risk?
November 11, 2010|By Jean Jadhon | WDBJ-TV Anchor/Reporter
If a fire were burning near your home, how would it fare?
It's from the Virginia Department of Forestry and only takes a few moments.

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